About the NCFR


The Nevada Center on Foreign Relations (“the Center”) is a Nevada nonprofit corporation, which received its charter on July 1, 2011, and obtained its 501c3 tax-exempt status on August 29, 2012.

The Center recognizes that the meaning of  U.S. “foreign relations” has changed. Localities and economic regions across the country have been dramatically internationalized. Foreign trade and investment have wholly altered local economies. In a world made infinitely accessible by the Internet, all manner of international business is conducted from small-town and even more remote bases. In such situations citizens’ knowledge and understanding of the important issues shaping foreign relations and the resulting policies are even more important than they were in the past. The Center’s purpose is to disseminate widely such knowledge and information.

The Center’s goal is to provide and advance accurate and in-depth information on foreign relations to as many organizations and people that can be reached by its activities in the best interests of U.S. Foreign policy and national security and of furthering peace and justice in the world.

Mission Statement

The Center is an independent nonpartisan and nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing programming with quality speakers and contributors dealing with the most critical issues facing U.S. Foreign policy and foreign relations to the largest number organizations and people who care about foreign relations and may wish to try to do something about these issues.

The Center serves as an open forum to provide educational, timely, and news-breaking information to expand public knowledge about foreign relations, holding various programs including seminars and conferences on topics of current significance to institutions, businesses, organizations and individuals.

The Center invites highly knowledgeable domestic and international scholars, foreign policy experts, government and military officials, independent mass media analysts, and business and religious leaders to speak on pre-selected topics of interest to the Center, which are relevant to enhancing international peace, security, and economic and cultural cooperation.

The Center's Focus

In its foreign relations programming activities, the Center focuses and will continue to focus on the most critical news-breaking events or situations affecting U.S. Foreign policy and national security and will produce programs that attract and provide accurate and in-depth knowledge and information to the largest number of interested and concerned people occurring at quality, convenient, and easily accessible venues.

This new focus and the Center’s new name were adopted on May 1, 2013, and its first two public programs are already in the planning stages.

Inter-Cultural Activities

While the Center conducts in-depth programming on Foreign relations issues, it engages in inter-cultural activities unique to Foreign countries and regions of the world. This includes artistic and cultural presentations in all disciplines especially musical and visual arts’ expression and other cultural treasures.

Moreover, another of the Center’s objectives is to encourage and promote cultural exchanges of the highest level and effectiveness, celebrating diverse aspects of cultural achievements.

Accordingly, the Center will be engaged, from time to time, in private and public programs concerning both Foreign relations and cultural diversity, resulting in the Center’s contribution to international understanding and enhancing people-to-people discourse.


The Center is located below:

8670 West Cheyenne Ave, STE 130, Las Vegas, NV 89129

Feel free to contact us for any questions, comments or concerns.