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October, 2018. Once again, we held a successful China Town Hall event. The webcast featured Condoleezza Rice and Nelson Dong was in person. This event was held in collaboration with UNLV. (see event page).

September, 2018. Austin Dean was appointed the new Vice President of Programming (see leadership page).

October, 2017. We held a very successful China Town Hall event with Susan E. Rice and Brian Chang in collaboration with UNLV.

July, 2017. NCFR renewed its corporate registration.

June, 2017. NCFR filed its tax return for 2016.

May, 2017. Viridiana Vidal was appointed the new Public Relations Coordinator (see leadership page).

April, 2017. New organizational additions. Jaquelin Ponce was appointed the Marketing Coordinator  and Charlie Koslovski the Events Coordinator.

March, 2017. Opened Pay Pal account and set up a donation page on the NCFR web site.

April, 2017. We hosted Mayor John J. Lee of North Las Vegas and had a very successful event with the topic ”The Challenges of Doing Business in Las Vegas."

April, 2017. Hosted Ambassador Ryan Crocker, recipient of Presidential Medal of Freedom and held the event in collaboration with UNLV Hotel Administration Scholl, Liberal Arts Scholl and Law School, on the topic “Middle East Meltdown – Causes and Consequences.”

Feb, 2017. Hosted Judge Lloyd George and held event on the topic “International Judicial Exchange”

December, 2016. Hosted Dean Cheng and held in collaboration with UNLV the event “ US – China Relations”

June, 2016. Boban Dedovic appointed for Vice President and CTO (read more).

June, 2016. We successfully reshaped structure and number of our Board of Trusties and made this managing body more efficient for dynamic development of our corporation. New Directors are elected, Boban Dedovic, successful online entrepreneur and Louis Chocka, Deputy of Attorney General of Nevada.

January, 2016. Hosted Meg Lundsager, Executive Director of International Monetary Fund and held event on the topic” The International Financial System”

January, 2016. NCFR hosted Board of Directors of American Committees on Foreign Relations in Las Vegas and had seminar on the following topic with NCFR leadership and members. “The Role of the ACFR and NCFR in our Society (Related to Foreign Policy Developments)